If you want some of the best and latest technologies on the market for your vehicle, then the Toyota Mirai is definitely one of the top options you want to focus on. This is a hydrogen powered vehicle that does stand out with its unique features and incredible quality. They did innovate and try out new things here, and the experience itself does manage to stand out of the crowd. You will find the body style to be very interesting, but the focus is as always, on a long driving range and the best performance that it can provide. And based on our experience, it definitely manages to deliver the utmost performance and quality, without diminishing anything.

The car gets from 0 to 60 in around 9.2 seconds, and you will like the fact that it’s versatile and just a pleasure to drive on the road. They do a very good job at bringing in around 402 miles on a full tank. That says a lot about the amazing benefits provided by these cars. You have a much better range than battery powered vehicles, so that’s something you will be impressed with most of the time here.

Toyota Mirai’s interior is very high end. There’s a massive display console with tons of information you can access and use as you see fit. They also do a very good job at making the interior very premium. The piano black trim is impressive, and the comfort levels in this car are second to none. It really goes to show the tremendous value and quality you can have from this, and overall the results are pretty engaging and rewarding.

We also like the fact that you have some storage space here and there too. The seats are very comfortable, which is exactly what you need. The car is around $50000, which is better than a variety of other models available out there. It certainly manages to bring you the efficiency and support you want, and the quality itself is a great one. Plus, you can get a tax credit for $8000 if you buy it this year, basically making the car even sweeter as a buy. Toyota is also offering $15000 word of free hydrogen fuel. All these things do make the purchase very enticing.

However, you do want to know if there are fueling stations in your region, otherwise that can be a problem. It’s important to note that the Toyota Mirai does perform very well, and you do have a very luxurious experience. The challenge comes from the lack of fueling stations.
Provided that’s not an issue in your area, this is a great buy. The car is riding smoothly, it’s very quiet, and you will find it a pleasure to drive, very relaxing and it has a great range. Yes, investing in this type of vehicle can be a gamble based on the future of hydrogen fueled cars, but it’s certainly an interesting investment and it delivers a stellar ROI!